The Team

Kaare Jarbeaux (Founder, Owner and CEO)
Kaare is an outdoors enthusiast enjoying every form of outdoor activity during summer and winter. He is very enthusiastic, positive, hardworking and always with a smile on his face. Kaare has more than 25 years of experience form the sports industry and is a salesman extraordinaire with a proven track record of brand building of high-quality brands within the outdoor industry.


Rune Hjetland (Key account sales manager and back office responsible)
Rune holds a rare mix of the enthusiasm of a great salesman and the
calmness of a true western-Norwegian. He has almost 20 years of
experience from the sports/outdoor industry and lives and breaths
service. Rune has a profound interest and knowledge of all our products and
has tested almost all of them in practice on one of his many trips in
Norway and abroad.

Geir Skari (Owner, business strategist and commercial advisor)
Geir is an ex skier on the Norwegian national team in cross-country
skiing. He is also involved in a number of national and regional skiing
associations at management level, in addition to still being a very fast
skier. Geir is a household name in the Norwegian sports industry
Geir is also a successful real-estate investor.

Torbjørn Bekken (Owner, lawyer and contract advisor) 
Torbjørn is a lawyer by training and has experience from both private
practice and in-house legal position in Asia and in Europe, and has
been indirectly and directly been involved with Jarbeaux Sport for 15
years. Torbjørn also has a significant interest in products, both from a
commercial and a practical user perspective, and is a keen hunter, skier
and outdoor enthusiast who enjoys every opportunity to walk/ski far
with a heavy load.